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* Acugraph Digital Meridian Imaging and Acu-Therapy

* Acutonics Treatments

* Relaxation Massage

* Deep Tissue and Injury Recovery Massage

* Chair Massage

* Infant / Child Massage

* Chakra Balancing

* Liberate Your Voice: A therapeutic session designed specifically for Singers, Actors and Public Speakers / see description below.


* Massage Sessions may include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, Acu-point stimulation with Acutonics tuning forks and acu-laser and acoustic chakra balancing with multi-vibrational tuning forks.


*ACUGRAPH® DIGITAL MERIDIAN IMAGING Acugraph®: is a state of the art, computerized assessment tool used to easily analyze the energetic status of your acupuncture meridians. You will receive printed graphs showing you which meridians are deficit or excessive and an acutherapy treatment session using Acutonics® precision calibrated tuning forks, acupressure and acu-laser stimulation of the points most in need of intervention. These treatments feel great, balance your energy system, optimize chi support to your vital organs and can address psycho-spiritual issues. You will also receive recommendations for acupressure self care and Chinese herbal supplements to restore your health holistically. You deserve this support! Make an appointment now. For more information regarding Acugraph, click on the icons on the home page - AcuGraph

Cost: $75 per 75 min. session, Acugraph & Individualied Acutonics Treatment , Fully Clothed.

Cost: $120.00 per 2 hour session. Includes Western Massage, AcuGraph and Individualized Acutonics Treatment.


*ACUTONICS® & MASSAGE THERAPY TREATMENTS: Multi-disciplinary sessions carefully designed to meet your unique wellness and injury recovery goals. Sessions may include Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, acupressure, Acutonics® and acu-laser treatments.

Cost: $70 per 75 minute session.

*CHAKRA BALANCING: Need help recovering from life traumas? The trials and tribulations of life damage the healthy functioning of our chakra system. Each chakra is an organ of your energy body that supports physical and psycho-spiritual wellbeing. This session will use low, medium and high frequency Acutonic® tuning forks to reach into unconscious and etheric body levels to clear, heal and restore balance, allowing you to "reboot" and move on with your life. You will also receive chakra based self care recommendations and affirmations to reinforce this very healing multi-dimensional session.

Cost: $70 per 75 minute

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